Our coalition was built by the strength of several organizations

The following groups of the Coalition Against No-Fault (CANF) rallied together in the mid-1990s due to a serious concern that the rights of BC’s citizens were at risk of being dismantled. In essence, the provincial government and its auto-insurance monopoly (ICBC) wanted to dramatically alter the rules in an unfavourable way to the motoring public. The legal rights of individuals were at stake. Within one year, CANF had the support of ore than 200 groups throughout British Columbia.

Multiple campaigns

CANF’s work continued beyond the initial effort to stand up ffor the people of the province. The first campaign was vere successful. The legal rights of the individual citizens were protected from harm. But, the coming years saw different concerns and challenges emerge. As a result, CANF members have rallied together time and time again.

Ongoing efforts

Though auto insurance was the basis of CANF’s original concern and subsequent development, threats to the rights of citizens take various forms. The work of CANF continues for this reason. Any piece of legislation or scheme that unfairly limits the rights of individuals must be scrutinized and challenged. Go right to GET THE FACTS for key information about the harmful effects of schemes designed to weaken the rights of individuals and thereby provide more power to governments and large corporations.

The importance of civil justice

It is very important to have laws that protect innocent people from harm, and it is very important to have laws that enable victims of harm to be compensated fairly. A just society enables its citizens to seek justice for damage done to them. Compensation is often necessary when irresponsible actions and reckless behavior cause damage to a person, their property or both.

  • Citizens need to have their rights upheld and respected
  • Fairness and accountability should prevail in life and in law
  • To create a safe society, deterrents to bad behaviour and negligent actions must be in place